Mpo Patch Cords

MPO Patch Cords are multi- fiber cables using single MPO connectors 0f 6, 8, 12 and 24 that are used to interconnect pre -terminated devices. MPO patch cords are available in single- mode and multimode version. The MPO assemblies are suitable for high density back panel and printed circuit board (pcb) solutions in data and telecom systems providing significant space and cost savings. Precision molded thermoplastic MT ferrules together with metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions ensure fiber alignment when mating. Push – pull latching mechanism with audible click ensures proper connection.

Product Description


Product Details:

Application LAN System, Telecommunication, Broadband Network, Data Centre
Fiber Optic Patchcord Type MULTI FIBER
Connector Type MTP/MPO
Color ANY
Brand DNC
Material LSZH
Usage Telecommunication, Fiber optic data transmission, Data Centre
Type Fiber Optic

The MPO system are available with a range of performance levels ( om3, enhanced om3 or 0s1 types) and in different types. Tight buffered cables for duplex links in general office & data center environments, loose tube for duplex connections in data centers and ribbon style for direct connection to array transceivers in equipment in data centers.


Available Fibers Single mode    :               9/125µmMultimode      :               OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Available Fibers 12/24/36/48/72/96/144
Available Colors Yellow, Orange, Aqua, Purple
Connector End PC, UPC, APC
Available Length 1 mtr , 2 mtr , 3mtr , 4 mtr ……………………….etc



Type SM MM
Polishing APC PC
Insertion Loss ≤0.35 dB ≤0.35 dB
Return Loss ≥55 dB
Durability(500 mattings) ≤0.2 dB increase(Max)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +75°C