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Product Details

DNC 1 Channel Telephone to Fiber Converter is a high performance fully digital fiber optic interface for links between a PABX and any touchtone telephone. It is designed for applications such as PABX/Line extension between buildings or to a remote location (e.g. from a central control room to a security guard post) where only one or a few telephones are required. A typical application example could be the emergency telephone systems of highways or other ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) applications. The Telephone to Fiber Converter can also be used to connect any two touchtone telephones to form a dedicated intercom system.

The Telephone to Fiber Converter is available with common optical fibers operating at wavelengths of 850nm, 1300nm or 1550nm. Both multimode and single mode versions are available to suit different application requirements. The longest transmission distance supported by the Telephone to Fiber Converter is 2 km on multimode fiber or 20 km over single mode fiber. For longer distances or special transmission requirements, please consult OSD. The unit can be supplied with 1 to 64 telephone interfaces.


Analog telephone / switch interface characteristics
Voice Bandwidth: 8KHZ
Codec method: PCM codec
Signaling Control: Transparent support any in-band signaling
Interface communication terminal: Ordinary telephone or group telephone ,program-controlled switches (PBX), public telephone network PSTN
Connection: Point to point link/PBX system
FXS: Ringing voltage: 75V, ringing frequency: 25HZ
FXO: Two-wire input impedance: 600Ω (off-hook)
Return loss: 40 db, ringing detection voltage: 35V
Ring detection frequency: 17HZ-60HZ, wire input impedance: 600Ω (off-hook)
Return loss: 40 db



Technical Specifications
Physical interface : RJ11
Voice bandwidth: 8kHz
Special function: Support the call display With hands-free function
Working mode: Point to point link
SPC Exchanges method (FXS-FXO)