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Product Details

SC fiber optic pigtails and connectors are used in telecommunications, industry, medical and sensor fields. We supply single mode and multimode SC fiber optic pigtails, products are simplex, duplex types, in UPC and APC polished styles. Our SC fiber optic pigtail and connectors comply to IEC 61754-2 & CECC 86 115-801 standards. The SC fiber optic adapters and SC optical attenuators are also available to use with the SC pigtails.


Available Fibers
  • Single mode       :    9/125µm
  • Multimode          :     OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Available Cables 600µm, 900µm , 1.8mm, 2.8mm
Available Colors Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, Aqua, Purple
Connector End PC, UPC, APC
Available Length 1mtr , 2 mtr , 3mtr , 4 mtr ……………………….etc