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Product Details

DNC Armoured fiber optic patch cord can be laid in all kinds of environmental extremes. lt is used without protection tube which saves space and is quite convenient for maintenance . Also it has the construction including stainless steel tube which protects optical fiber and provide better security for the Whole system.

The quality, reliability, and performance of Armored Patch Cords are assured by selecting the best components and by terminating and polishing with the best equipment and procedures . The quality of patch cords is governed by industry specifications. We assure that the components and manufacturing procedures can produce the proper quality level of patch cords.

Features And Advantages:

  • Protection of stainless steel tube with small caliher
  • Avoid the damage of torsion
  • High tensile coefficient and stress coefficient
  • Convenient for application, highly security
  • Application without damage to cable
  • Manufacture without damage to cable
  • Cost cutting for maintenance


  • Machine room
  • FTTH
  • Area network
  • Test equipment
  • National defense
  • F O sensor
  • Light communication system
  • Common antemia TV system


  • Insertion loss: Max 0.30 dB
  • Typical: 0.20 dB
  • Retun loss: 2 50dB for UPC, 2 60 dB for APC
  • Tension Resist (N): Z1000
  • Press Resist (N): 23000
  • Crush Resist (J): 0.75